• Product design and services of Haituo Instrument are supported by consistent and broad R&D. Haituo Instrument has established a set of standard management system, passing international certificate of ISO9001: 2000 quality system. We are good at controlling major systems with computer technological resources and integrated industrial computer application technologies (CAT), making our products able to compete with European, American and Japanese products in terms of software and hardware technology. Today, Haituo Instrument has evolved into a global enterprise with full services. Our key products include fast temperature change rate ESS test chamber, high-low temperature & humidity alternating test chamber, constant temperature & humidity test chamber, walk-in environmental test room, high-low temperature shock test chamber, CASS test chamber, precise aging test chamber, rainfall test chamber, electromagnetic vibration test system and customizable test equipment as special requirements of customers.


    Aerospace, aviation, electronics, automotive, communications, research and other industries continue to provide technologically advanced, safe, reliable, energy saving equipment and excellent service